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#8100 Dental Assistant II (Visas for female. Muslim applicants only)

SpecialityDental Assistant
LocationAl Madinah
Salary minOn Application SAR
Salary maxOn Application SAR
HospitalTo apply for a post at this hospital you must be Muslim.
Professional Connections is contracted to recruit EU, Australia, New Zealand and North American passport holders only. We will not reply to applications from applicants outside these territories.

The hospital is a full serviced facility with a 320 bedded capacity, located at the foot of Mount Uhud on Prince Naif Road; the hospitalis only minutes away from Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport and the Holy Mosque - Al Masjid Al Nabawi.

The organisation's hospitals are renowned for their high quality evidence based patient care practices. There are tremendous opportunities for staff growth and development, as well as a very active in-house training and education through lectures, seminars and workshops which are regularly scheduled by the Academic Affairs, Training and Development and Nursing Education Departments. In addition, more specialized courses on patient care, latest technology and training on specialized equipment are arranged in collaboration or sponsored with external providers.

The organisation gives high regard to the welfare of its workforce; orientation and induction are given to new staff to ensure they are competent, confident and supported through mentorship and preceptorship to mould them into the workforce. Furthermore, benefits and rewards are very encouraging to the staff.

Living in the City of the Prophet where one can perform ibadah in the Holy Mosque within a few minutes distance and just a few hours away for umrah in Mecca is a blessing, what more can a Muslim ask for?

As the organistaion s expands its services to cover more regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Holy City of Al Madinah Al Munawarah was selected as the next project in 2007. The Hospital will provide optimal health services for the National Guard and their dependents and to other eligible patients during their religious visits to the holy city of Madinah.

The hospital is a full service healthcare facility with 320 beds capacity.

The specialty services include:

Accident and Emergency Department
Adult Intensive Care Unit
Ambulatory Care Centre
Central Sterilization Supply Department
Clinical Nutrition
Dental Services
Information system and Informatics Department
Labor and Delivery Unit
Laboratory services
Medical Imaging
Medical Protocol Department
Medicine and Surgery
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Obstetrical Services
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Perioperative Services
Quality Department
Rehabilitation Services
Respiratory Services
DescriptionPrincipal Duties:
1. Prepare operatory (instruments sterilized and stored, room cleaned).
2. Prepare patient for dental care.
3. Prepare charts and x-rays for each patient's visit in operatory.
4. Set-up for each procedure.
5. Provide instruments and materials during treatment, assist Dentist in "4-handed dentistry".
6. Assists specialist in the Operating Room when required.
7. Take and process x-rays.
8. Maintain cleanliness and orderliness of dental equipment.
9. Assist in the Dental Laboratory procedures.
10. Assists in clinical/clerical duties as required.
11. Maintain instruments and stock levels of supplies in operatory.
12. Complete daily log of patients for the statistical report(s).
13. Maintain clinic log register of the patients and procedures performed.
14. Assurance of infection control in the operatory, instruments and supplies as per departmental and hospital
15. Administer CPR and assist in basic medical emergencies.
16. Provide patient education e.g. oral hygiene instruction.
17. Perform other job related duties as assigne
BenefitsOne year renewable contract. You can stay up to ten years.

Free accommodation and utilities or Housing Allowance: Employees who are either not offered nor provided housing by the Program will be eligible to receive Housing allowance of 25% of the employee.s annual basic salary but not exceeding SAR 20, 000

Air Transport On Initial Mobilization: Air Transport, Economy Class, for expatriate employees from designated airport to employment site on initial mobilization.

Excess Baggage Allowance: A fixed amount for excess baggage during mobilization and demobilization shall be granted based on the Country of origin

Annual Merit Increase: Annual Merit increase is computed as percentage/step upon recontracting based on annual evaluation
( maximum 6%)

End of Service Award consisting of one-half (1/2) month.s basic salary for each of the first five years of service and one (1) month.s basic salary for each year of service thereafter

Re- contracting bounce (1 month salary)

Repatriation Ticket: Air Transport, Economy Class from work site (.e.g. Riyadh) to designated International Airport for repatriating expatriate employees who either completed the contract, was terminated by the program, or has resigned after one year only

Annual Ticket: Round trip air transport, Excursion Economy Class, from employment site to designated airport for expatriate employees who completed one year of service and are renewing contracts for a minimum of 12 months.
Housing Accommodation: Housing accommodation shall be provided by the Employer to expatriate employees based on their eligibility and housing availability.

Transportation Allowance: Employees who do not occupy a Program-provided housing and who are not offered transportation to and from work will be eligible to receive a monthly Transportation allowance

Transportation Services: Transportation services from Program-assigned housing to work and back, where available.

Business Leaves and Travel Allowance:
Business Leaves and Travel Allowance shall be provided in accordance with existing guidelines-

Mid-Year Benefits

Air ticket will be entitled to a round trip Excursion Economy Class ticket from the employee site to London or to point of hire of lesser expense.

Uniforms: Uniforms will be provided for specific positions

Medical and Dental Care: Employees with single status contract are eligible for medical except Cosmetics, Dental, Obstetrics and IVF

Leave and Holidays

i) Annual Leave: 30 calendar days of paid annual Leave per contract year.

ii) Holidays: 11 working days of paid Holidays inclusive of Eid Al Fitr, Hajj, and Saudi National Day.

iii) Compassionate Leave: Paid Compassionate Leave of seven (7) calendar days, without airline ticket, in the event of death of employee.s parent, spouse, or child

iv) Administrative Leave: Six (6) calendar days of Administrative Leave every contract year in lieu of incurred overtime and on-call pay. Administrative Leave is not accruable and has to be taken within contract year
otherwise it will be forfeited.

v) Sick Leave: Properly documented sick leave with full pay for up to 30 calendar days; and an additional 60 calendar days at 75% of salary, during each year of service

Subject to contract

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We look forward to sending you an information and application pack and assisting you relocating to Saudi Arabia.
Requirements Two years post graduate experience.
As this hospital is based in Al Madinah post open only to Muslim applicants.

Associate Degree in Dental Assisting or equivalent -Essential
Three (3) years dental assisting experience in a recognized institution - Preferred

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